June 15-17,2018
Qingdao, China
     Prof.Xiaodi Liu(刘孝弟教授)
     Beijing Aerospace Propulsion Institute, China(

     Research Area:
     Chemical Technology & Equipment
     Dr.Ke Li(李科博士)

     Institute of Chemical Industry of Forest  Products, China

     Research Area: 
     Biomass Energy and Materials                                                      

     Dr.Lei Sun(孙磊博士)
     China Petroleum Engineering Technology Research Co., Ltd, China

     Research Area: 
     Polymer Chemistry, Oilfield Chemicals                                                      

     Senior  Engineer.Yunhong Yang (杨云洪高级工程师)
     Taiyuan University of Technology, China(太原理工大学

     Research Area:
     Magnesium Fertilizer
     Magnesium Feed Additive
     Magnesium Food Additive

     Prof.Lanhe Zhang(张兰河教授)
     Northeast Electrical Power University, China(东北电力大学)

     Research Area: 
     Biological Treatment Technology of Odor Gases
     Biological Nitrogen&Phosphorus Removal Technology
     Catalytic Ozonation Technology

     Prof.Qing Wang(王擎教授)
     Northeast Electric Power University, China

     Research Area:
     Clean Coal Combustion Technology, Oil Shale, Biomass
     Dr.Liying Guo(郭立颖博士
     Shenyang University of Technology, China(沈阳工业大学

     Research Area:
     Polymer Materials, Chemical Engineering
     Dr.Zongyu Wang(汪宗御博士
     Dalian Maritime University, China(大连海事大学

     Research Area:
     Green Ship
     A.Prof.Yanwei Cheng(程彦伟副教授)
     Luoyang Normal University, China(洛阳师范大学)

     Research Area:
     Plant Physiology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology,Plant Genetics and Development,
     Plant Stress Resistance
     A.Prof.Zheng Fan(范峥副教授)
     Xi’an Shiyou University, China(西安石油大学)

     Research Area:
     Simulation Optimization, Corrosion Control, Technology of Oil and Gas Processing
     Prof.Liping Fan(樊立萍教授)
     Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, China(沈阳化工大学)

     Research Area:
     Optimal Control of Biochemical Processes
     Prof.Weiquan Cai(蔡卫权教授)
     Guangzhou University, China(广州大学)

     Research Area:
     Preparation and Adsorption of Porous Metal Oxide, Catalytic Performance
     Prof.Yi Hu(胡燚教授)
     Nanjing Tech University, China(南京工业大学)

     Research Area:
     Enzyme Engineering, Green Synthetic Chemistry, Natural Products
     A.prof.Jing Li(李婧副教授)
     Heilongjiang Bayi Agriculture University, China(黑龙江八一农垦大学)

     Research Area: Organic Synthesis; Functional Small Molecule
     Prof./ Vice-dean Lehe Mei(梅乐和教授/副院长)
     Zhejiang University(浙江大学)

     Research Area: Enzyme Engineering, Protein Engineering, Gene Engineering
     Senior Engineer.YongTang(唐勇高级工程师)
     Guizhou Panjiang Mining Engineering Technology Center Co., Ltd(贵州盘江采矿工程技术中     心

     Research Area: New Technology and Technology Innovation, Energy Saving and Environmental      Protection Process Equipment
Dr.Yingying Zhao, Hebei University of Technology, China
Dr.Wenyi Deng, Donghua University, China


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Conference: June 15-17,2018
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